Eternal Devotion


What's in a name?

The name of this wrap is holds special meaning. Roses are often described as being a symbol of eternity and the red rose in particular is a symbol of devotion, passion and love. What better name for a wrap to carry those precious to you. This is a new blend for Wrapture, with little pockets of texture that puff up to form cuddly petals forming the ultimate cuddly wrap. Soft enough for a squish but sturdy enough for back carries with a toddler, this wrap will encourage you to breathe in deep and stop to smell the roses.

Eternal Devotion is a luscious blend of 59% cotton, 20% bamboo, 16% viscose and 5% linen at 263GSM. 

Note: This product will be stocked on the website shortly after its release via random draw on 11th/12th May 2019.

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