About Us

Made by families for families…   

Wrapture are excited to be bringing you an all Australian product. From design and yarn dying, through weaving and finishing, everything is done right here in Melbourne, Australia. We have been working hard to ensure that our designs are technical, innovative, beautiful, luxurious, and buttery soft... each one something special! 

Our Lyric range of boutique woven wraps are not only Australian made, but also lovingly designed, hand made, limited edition pieces. We keep our runs small and exclusive - usually between 10-25 wraps. We carefully package and send them to you with the greatest care and attention to detail. Wrapture also produces blankets, and our special ‘Mobi’ – a mobius strip cowl.

We rely on our wonderful testers to give us critical feedback on colour, texture and wrapping qualities to create our final designs. It’s a real community effort with our babywearing friends contributing so much to what you finally receive. We spend months, sometimes years on research and development to ensure that our wraps are strong but soft straight off the loom and require minimal breaking in.

We aim to bring you not just beautiful but practical, high quality, ethically made products. When you buy one of our Lyric wraps you are buying a little piece of Wrapture history. We hope that you gain as much joy from our wraps as we have had creating them for you. 



Emily Corcoran - About me

My child was 6 weeks old when I received my first woven wrap as a birthday gift. The wrap was Zen Dove, and it was beautiful. It’s perfectly balanced, with no right or wrong side, and we embraced our child in it - enjoying every single cuddle (even those late-night ones when we would rather have been asleep).

That wrap has been a gift that has stayed with us every day of our parenting journey. I have watched my child grow, wrapped securely in Wrapture wraps. We have travelled, investigated the world and been on and off more trams, buses and trains than I can count. Baby wearing has helped us to find our calm when we've felt lost in a storm, has helped us stay connected through whatever challenges came our way.

Wrapture was my gateway into the baby wearing community, and to becoming a peer educator. By being involved in the baby wearing community, I have grown as a person, have learned more about the world and myself, and have formed friendships that I hope will last for years to come.

Wrapture has always been a part of my family and I am thrilled and excited to be taking over the reins at Wrapture Australia and I look forward to creating some beautiful new wraps as well as releasing some of my Wrapture favourites in different colour ways.