About Us

Made by families for families…   

Wrapture are excited to be bringing you an all Australian product. From design and yarn dying, through weaving and finishing, everything is done right here in Melbourne, Australia. We have been working hard to ensure that our designs are technical, innovative, beautiful, luxurious, and buttery soft... each one something special! 

Our Lyric range of boutique woven wraps are not only Australian made, but also lovingly designed, hand made, limited edition pieces. We keep our runs small and exclusive - usually between 10-25 wraps. We carefully package and send them to you with the greatest care and attention to detail.

We rely on our wonderful testers to give us critical feedback on colour, texture and wrapping qualities to create our final designs. It’s a real community effort with our babywearing friends contributing so much to what you finally receive. We spend months, sometimes years on research and development to ensure that our wraps are strong but soft straight off the loom and require minimal breaking in.

We aim to bring you not just beautiful but practical, high quality, ethically made products. When you buy one of our Lyric wraps you are buying a little piece of Wrapture history. We hope that you gain as much joy from our wraps as we have had creating them for you. 


Natasha Dickinson 

Natasha’s second child was born prematurely and she was keen to get as much skin on skin time as she could when she finally got her little bird home. She set out learning all that she could about babywearing to cement the bond between her and her bub. Natasha is now a passionate baby wearer and feels like she is constantly learning with the extensive knowledge that is available through the Australian babywearing network.