Harvest Dusk

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Cat Timms - Babywearing Western Australia

I was honoured to be asked to review for Wrapture and received Harvest Dusk a couple of weeks ago. I sent it travelling to a rural BWWA group as well took it to a few metro meets and wore it a couple of times in different carries with my 14kg just 2yo Chloe.

Upon opening the bag I was really impressed with the softness and the feel in hand. It has an almost velvety texture and is very soft, floppy and mouldable. It also has a lovely sheen, I assume from the bamboo. So pretty. I’m a pretty fussy wrapper and this is up there with a silk indio as the most divine squish wrap in the history of wraps!! Just perfection. I rucked Chloe straight away and found it very very easy to wrap with but surprisingly not as smooth as I thought it would be; it does have a little grip. Nice. In a ruck it felt soft on my shoulders (I hate that hard feeling) but did start to sag and pull a little after about 10 minutes, which I think is totally fine given Chloe’s size, I certainly don’t ruck much! I tightened and tied tibetan to finish cooking and was very comfortable. Chloe bounced and kicked as toddlers are wont to do when it’s dinner time and Dusk held fast!

A few days later we went for a lake walk. Now, full disclaimer, Chloe did NOT want to be wrapped. Her big brother was scooting along and of course being up is torture for a 2yo where there is big brother chasing to be done! So she was not a happy camper. However I did get some DHCCCB time and did a robbins hip carry as well. I liked it in both, particularly in robbins actually. I found my DHCCCB started to dig around the 15minute mark but honestly, it was not a pretty wrap job due to the unwillingness of the wrappee so I definitely can’t attribute that all to the wrap!

Finally I did a better DHCCCB on a different day and found it quite comfortable. I did need to tighten after a couple of minutes as there was a little sag and movement however it was definitely supportive. I personally prefer a little more cush in my wraps these days (I also have a damaged left shoulder) however this wrap can easily stand up to toddler wrapping with a careful wrap job. I do think it is just perfect for up to 12kg and if I was having another baby I would certainly be stalking for one these classy wraps. Thank you Natasha for the play <3



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